Paris when it drizzles

If you visit Paris in the winter and the weather isn't on your side, here's a few things you can do in that glorious city of lights...

Take a macaron making class at La Cuisine Paris 

See the likes of Jeff Koons at the Pompidou Centre and take in a sunset view of the Eiffel Tower from the 6th floor.

Moroccan Mint Tea

Morocco is place full of memorable moments, sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Perhaps none is more memorable than the delicious mint tea that is served everywhere all day - in shops, cafes and after meals, Moroccan mint tea is hot, sweet and delicious - and relatively easy to make once you get the routine down. 
On our recent trip to Morocco we picked up some mint, tea and traditional teapots and glasses, but you can easily make the tea in a pan or in any stovetop pot or kettle. 
Full tutorial after the jump:


Left: Photograph of a samurai warrior. [c. late 1800s] Right: Maud Wagner, the first well know female tattooist in the United States. [1907]

To say that Power is evident in many forms it state the obvious, but the following images taken from this selection of 52 images of women through the years who have defied expectations and societal norms to fight for, engage in, and advance the things that are important to them is really just that - Powerful. Oh and some are just plain, badass. 

Elspeth Beard, during her attempt to become the first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. [1980s]

Summer in Berlin

Some pictures from my birthday weekend spent in Berlin. The sun was HOT and the city was very very cool. Time was spent brunching, sitting by the canals in our Kreuzberg neighbourhood, lazing under the Willow tree at Club de Visionare, visiting the East Side Wall, watching the sun rise at Watergate, visiting the Our Berlin Vodka distillery and getting involved in the Mauerpark Fleamarkt Karaoke! (By 'getting involved' I mean watching - just watching - this time...)

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