Day by Day with Au Jour la Jour

"Quand on a été tourmenté, bien fatigué par sa propre sensibilité,
on s´apercoit qu´ il faut vivre au jour le jour, oublier beaucoup,
enfin éponger la vie à mesure qu´elle s´écoule".

Samuel Beckett via Au Jour la Jour

The ethos of Italian design duo Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez's brand Au Jour la Jour (Day by Day in English) to live life to the full day by day is inherently apparent in their bold prints and vibrant colours. The images below are from their Pre Fall 2013. For me, I love that they remind us that first and foremost, fashion should be FUN (or maybe flattering then fun...) so go ahead and say YES to a Panda printed sweater!

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